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Is Your SEO Delivering Results Like This?

Does this sound like you?


Your current SEO strategy isn’t substantially increasing your revenue


You don’t have 100% visibility of your SEO agency’s approach


You can’t meaningfully increase your store traffic without increasing your ad spend

If so, you need better SEO







Brands scaled to

over $100 million

Top 3% Google Premier Partner

2023's Top Digital Marketing Company

Brands scaled to

over $2 million

Brands scaled to

over $10 million

 Content Agency of the Year

Could your SEO be better?

How do you know if your current SEO agency is achieving the best possible results for your brand?

Are you being shown vanity metrics or climbing the Google rankings for the wrong keywords?


What is successful SEO?

Let Megaphone's SEO Lead, Dean show you

A strong SEO approach must take into account three specific pathways: Backlinks, on-page, and off-page.

Only when all of these factors are executed perfectly will you shoot up the Google rankings.


Other SEO agencies

Megaphone SEO

Black-hat quick-win SEO strategies that are disapproved & penalised by Google

A “lucky dip” of irrelevant backlinks to random overseas websites

A “cloak and daggers” strategy where you’re kept in the dark

A “wait and see” approach that doesn’t allow you to forecast

Ranking for “fluff” keywords that perceive improvement but don’t get you sales

White-hat, Google-approved SEO strategies

A curated list of relevant backlinks from trusted Aussie websites to build your DA.

Clarity on HOW you’re achieving results

100% open and honest communication

A long-term roadmap, allowing you to properly forecast revenue and traffic

Continuously ranking you for high-volume, converting keywords

Holistic SEO that reduces reliance on paid ads over time

$103,698 additional revenue per month through SEOThe Megaphone Effect

Doubled Traffic in 5 months

👉Doubled traffic in 5 months from 11,755 monthly visits to 24,100 monthly visits. 

Contributing keyword rankings

In 5 simple steps, here's how we do it.


Created the "Site Architecture" as a bulletproof foundation

We started by building a strong jumping-off point that fixed all the previous leaks and restructured the site's layout. This would allow us to consistently improve rankings, traffic and sales numbers with each passing month.


Conducted keyword research

Detailed analysis of the industry, the Google ranking and the brand’s competitors allowed us to figure out which keywords the client needed to be ranking for organically.


Updated landing pages and blogs

We updated titles, descriptions, images, meta-data and more designed to shoot the website up the Google rankings while also encouraging website visitors to convert.


Built out a top-of-funnel blog

To help gain traffic who were in the research phase of their decision-making process, the team created a highly engaging blog. The goal was to provide valuable, educational content that would attract potential customers and keep them engaged with the brand.


Strong backlink acquisition strategy

To help build the site's Domain Authority and improve search engine rankings, it was crucial to have a strong backlink acquisition strategy in place. The team acquired meaningful backlinks that focused on funnelling the right people to the site, not just any people.

We get amazing client results

And here’s exactly how we do it.


We helped a fashion brand grow from 11k views to 20k views in just 2 months.



On top of standard SEO practices, we tailored content to niche fashion keywords, leveraged long-tail keywords, optimised product descriptions with trending terms, and acquired relevant backlinks in the fashion niche to amplify visibility among the right audiences.


We helped an online HR company go from position 40 to position 1 in 3 months.


Employing a holistic SEO approach, we optimised on-page elements while enhancing site performance for better user experience. Simultaneously, we conducted an off-page strategy, including high-quality backlinks. This increased revenue 20% in under 3 months and increased traffic 250% in 2 months.


We helped a security camera business DOUBLE organic traffic in 5 months.



We began by setting a solid foundation for the company's website, optimising its structure and meta details for better search engine visibility. Concurrently, we focused on acquiring backlinks from industry influencers and relevant websites, ensuring we reached potential customers who were most likely to click "buy".

We've Grown 1,000+ Businesses like yours

Whether you're an eCommerce brand or service business, we have the experience, skills and knowledge to unlock your next growth phase.

11 Years Growing Businesses. 100 Awards & Counting.

I want more organic sales and leads.

Why is Megaphone SEO different from other agencies?




But don’t just take our word for it…

5 Reasons To Prioritise SEO if you want to Increase Sales without increasing ad spend

  1. You enhance your visibility
  2. You build trust 
  3. You target the right people at the right time
  4. You can steamroll your competition
  5. You can make a long-term investment that keeps working while you sleep

Don’t rely on paid ads to bring in all of your customers. Create a source of passive income by investing in SEO today.

How does better SEO = more revenue?

When used alongside a holistic Megaphone marketing plan, SEO can supercharge your online presence to to increase your amount of customers and improve your bottom line..

You get your brand in front of more people who actually want what you have to offer.

Your site becomes easy to use and packed with useful content, ensuring Google gives it the thumbs up. 

Your site looks and works great on every device, allowing you to get more customers browsing on mobiles and tablets,

If you're looking to attract local customers, our geo-targeting expertise makes sure you hit people within your radius.

Your Business Deserves Nothing Short of The Best

100% transparency, always

Access to latest Google updates

Top 3% Google Premier Partner

You own & keep your assets

Fully in-house team

Gold Academy TikTok Partner

Multiple experts on your account

4x customer service awards

AFR, Deloitte & Telstra endorsed 

We don’t just do SEO

As Australia’s top-rated full-service digital marketing agency, you have all the tools at your disposal to help you scale to new heights.


Google Ads

Meta Ads

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Programmatic Ads

Email & SMS Marketing


We’re passionate about growing brands. From Lululemon and Puma to Make-A-Wish and OzHarvest, we’ve scaled hundreds, and we’re rated Australia’s top agency as a result.

We provide realistic expectations, focus on transparency and help you stand out. It’s why we’ve been awarded for Australia’s best customer service for four consecutive years."

Lauren Oakes

Megaphone CEO & 2022's Woman of the Year


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